Ahmad Khalaf is a real estate development professional, business strategy expert and business development specialist. Ahmad's experience spans several countries in the region. His business development capabilities helped to secure mega projects for leading developers and investors. Ahmad supports investors and developers to achieve extraordinary results through his market-oriented and value-driven real estate development process.

Great opportunities are abundant; if we want our share of it, we should tune ourselves to the right wavelength.


Ahmad Khalaf advises corporates, family offices, investors, landlords, and developers to identify, secure, structure, develop and promote exceptional real estate opportunities based on acute market gaps and solid demand generators.

Khalaf supports his clients and business partners to formulate and restructure their real estate development and investment strategies by embracing a market-oriented and value-driven real estate development process.

Ahmad conducted a multitude of market research, market analysis, highest and best use studies, feasibility inquiries, and joint venture structures. His project portfolio exceedes $ 30 billion in market value. It coveres several countries in the MENA region including UAE, Oman, KSA, Jordan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Karbala, Iraq: Ahmad Khalaf secured a US$ 8 billion mix-use real estate development. The Investment and Development Protocol models a land for infrastructure public-private partnership (PPP) structure. He managed the real estate pre-development process of the 20 km square plot. The masterplan includes 40,000 residential units. Also, it incorporates a range of commercial, retail, hospitality, education, public amenities, and other services.

Baghdad, Iraq: Khalaf landed a US$ 4 billion mix-use real estate development. The Investment and Development Protocol models a land for infrastructure public-private partnership (PPP) structure. He directed the real estate pre-development process of the 5 km, high-density, mix-use project. The master plan includes 30,000 residential units. Further, it involves commercial, retail, hospitality, education, public amenities, and other services.

Georgia: Ahmad procured, on land for equity basis, several strategic real estate development projects valued at $1.2 billion. Locations varied between the capital Tbilisi as well as the black sea region. The deal achieved a 70% reduction in land acquisition cost through a mixture of re-zoning, post-payment, and phase planning structures.

Mauritius, High Lands Project: Ahmad Khalaf succeeded to shortlist bloom for the development of a $2 billion, mixed-use township promoted by the government of Mauritius. The project is an extension of the current capital. The government of Mauritius plans to develop the project in partnership with international developers and investors. It is a PPP investment agreement incorporating a land for equity structure for commercial and residential plots and a BOOT component for all infrastructure and public amenities. The project is currently on hold by the government of Mauritius.

Ahmad Khalaf supported the group’s network in UAE, Oman, KSA, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Georgia, Turkey and Mauritius.

He generated real estate development, construction, and general trading leads exceeding US$ 18b in value.

Ahmad built partnerships with local & regional banks, investors, contractors, and service providers.

Further, Khalaf negotiated a multitude of projects in several sectors with the related government entities.

Also, Ahmad Khalaf created several multinational consortiums to support the group’s initiatives.

Ahmad Khalaf established the real estate department for Noor Capital.

During his time at Noor, he secured several opportunities worth more than US$ 500 Million.

Besides, Khalaf managed all real estate related business development activities in the MENA region.

Further, Ahmad structured the real estate development process.

Ahmad Khalaf founded Equirise as a business management consultancy firm. 

During this period, on behalf of several family offices, and investment groups; Khalaf executed market research, business strategy, business plan, and feasibility studies for diverse real estate initiatives. 

His work supported the setup of several mega real estate development companies in the UAE, including  Manazel, Iskan, and Fanadek. 

Gulf Plastics was a family business that allowed Ahmad Khalaf to involve in several functions including finance, sales, marketing, business development as well as other activities.

If a project is not in demand, it is not worth the trouble. However, when it is in demand, then all that it needs is to be revealed.

The most critical question to answer in real estate development is what we should develop? When we get this right, everything else that follows will stand tall on stable grounds.

Rather than thinking about real estate development as an end-objective, consider it as the means to solve a problem in the market.

The Value Based Real Estate Development Model By Ahmad Khalaf

Ahmad Khalaf maintains that the prosperous real estate developer implements a straightforward business strategy.

Such a developer begins his real estate development process by identifying undersupplied market gaps and detecting remunerative demand generators.

Consequently, the successful developer responds with a market-oriented development designed to the specific tenant's needs, aspirations, and expectations.

Moreover, he creates immense efficiencies across the supply chain.

Thus, the thriving real estate developer avoids highly competitive markets. He creates his own market spaces continuously.

What effects does this methodology have on investors, developers, and landlords?

Khalaf emphasizes that adopting such a market-oriented and value-driven real estate development strategy will replace a moderate return with exceptional profits.

Colossal wins are in carving your unique market positions, not in contending in following the competition.



Amman University  1991 – 1995

Bachelor in Business Administration


CASS Business School 2012-2014

Masters in Business Administration



UCEM 2017-2018

MSC in Real Estate

It is not about what the developer thinks. It is about what the market needs.

Pearl Continental Hotels
Noor Capital
Manazel Properties
Bloom Properties
National Holding
Hashoo Group - Clients - Ahmad Khalaf
Knight Frank

To outperform the competition and to gain above-market returns, your primary and the most critical objective is to find the hidden demand in your market.


I worked with Ahmad for about three years (2008-2010) when he was head of business development at bloom properties reporting directly to me.

Ahmed is very resourceful and was able to secure unique new greenfield project opportunities for bloom in Iraq, Mauritius, Croatia, and Oman. It was a pleasure working with Ahmad.


Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Hani Shammah Partner and Board Director / AE7 Development Management Africa Ltd.

Ahmed is a very energetic person with incredible networking skills that not only spanned the real estate sector in the UAE but across the MENA region and even beyond.

He was capable of landing deals in several GCC countries as well as in Georgia and other exciting locations. He is very much capable of pulling all the threads together to bring into light the most successful real estate opportunities.


Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Khaled Hamza Head of Investment Banking/Sigma Capital Holding

Ahmad’s approach is impressive. We never thought we could generate so much value out of our land. His value-based market research approach identified several highly profitable development opportunities for our group.



Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Jadawy Al Riyamy Head of Business development and Project Management/ Muscat Finance 

Ahmad is not only an adept business development professional but also a good friend of mine whom I had the pleasure to accompany on many business trips over a period of 5 years. He is very skilled at building strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

The company was delving into unknown territory and Ahmad used his keen understanding of the local culture and his upbeat and positive personality to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the National Investment Commission.


Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Jimmy Tadros Design & Development Director / Bloom Properties

Ahmad’s achievements were terrific. He achieved what many could not. We became excellent friends and held to this date a genuine relationship.




Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Roger Karam Chief Executive Officer / Northern Investment Partners Inc

Create full alignment across the supply chain to cut down on your capital costs, reduce your operational expenses and enhance your cashflows.

The ever-changing socio-economic dynamics are not a threat. Rather, it is a powerful demand generation mechanism.

Do not waste your resources competing in overcrowded markets! Instead, dig up rare demand generators and occupy your own market space.