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I worked with Ahmad for about three years (2008-2010) when he was head of business development at bloom properties reporting directly to me.

Ahmed is very resourceful and was able to secure unique new greenfield project opportunities for bloom in Iraq, Mauritius, Croatia, and Oman. It was a pleasure working with Ahmad.


Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Hani Shammah Partner and Board Director / AE7 Development Management Africa Ltd.

Ahmed is a very energetic person with incredible networking skills that not only spanned the real estate sector in the UAE but across the MENA region and even beyond.

He was capable of landing deals in several GCC countries as well as in Georgia and other exciting locations. He is very much capable of pulling all the threads together to bring into light the most successful real estate opportunities.


Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Khaled Hamza Head of Investment Banking/Sigma Capital Holding

Ahmad’s approach is impressive. We never thought we could generate so much value out of our land. His value-based market research approach identified several highly profitable development opportunities for our group.



Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Jadawy Al Riyamy Head of Business development and Project Management/ Muscat Finance 

Ahmad is not only an adept business development professional but also a good friend of mine whom I had the pleasure to accompany on many business trips over a period of 5 years. He is very skilled at building strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

The company was delving into unknown territory and Ahmad used his keen understanding of the local culture and his upbeat and positive personality to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the National Investment Commission.


Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Jimmy Tadros Design & Development Director / Bloom Properties

Ahmad’s achievements were terrific. He achieved what many could not. We became excellent friends and held to this date a genuine relationship.




Latitude Developments - Ahmad Khalaf - Testimonials
Roger Karam Chief Executive Officer / Northern Investment Partners Inc
Ahmad Khalaf


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Your free step by step consultation on how to increase your real estate development and investment profits without increasing your CAPEX and OPEX.

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